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Advanced Grinding Systems

AGS (Advanced Grinding Systems), is Tratech’s line of state of the art CNC machines capable of grinding ceramic in record times. They are also the only machines in the world that are capable of cutting boron carbide ceramic as if it were a simple piece of metal. The incredible performance of the shown model (42-3A) comes from a unique combination of tooling, software and hardware. Each component of the machine is meticulously chosen and engineered to work in perfect harmony. The precision and speed of the AGS line opens a new door in the future of machining ceramic and all things alike.


Advanced Grinding System

Tratech Corp. offers its (AGS), a specialty built CNC grinding machine designed specifically for the demanding needs of machining fully sintered ceramics. The AGS is a 3-axis CNC machine that includes integrated coolant filtration and temperature….Read more

Ceramics Expo 2017

Ceramics Expo 2017
The 2017 Ceramics Expo 2017 is quickly approaching, April 25th to the 27th, please come visit AGS at Booth 124!Read more

Advanced CNC milling – live and revolutionary

Booth 400 will be the destination for all those wanting a first look at the brand new CNC milling machine – designated the AGS – that has been purpose built for machining fully sintered ceramics. Following demonstrations at Ceramics Expo 2015…Read more

New Feature

Tratech will now sample cut simple geometries on your materials for $1000.00 each to enable you to benchmark your results with ours; fee will be deducted from any purchase order or machining service.

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Ceramic Grinding Speed

Average machine
AGS cuts

This complex path was cut into a piece of ceramic in 5 minutes (fully sintered Al2O3).