April 25-27, 2017
Cleveland, Ohio

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Advanced CNC milling – live and revolutionary

Booth 400 will be the destination for all those wanting a first look at the brand new CNC milling machine – designated the AGS – that has been purpose built for machining fully sintered ceramics. Following demonstrations at Ceramics Expo 2015, innovator and manufacturer Tratech Corp (Fort Lauderdale, FL) has introduced even more revolutionary ideas with major performance improvements in CNC Machine efficiency and durability as well as cycle time and tool life.

This year’s live presentation will unveil the machining of fully sintered ceramics at unprecedented volumetric material removal rates, with ultra-high levels of structural integrity and geometric accuracy. “The breakthroughs define new levels of speed, accuracy, ease-of-use and affordability/profitability for ceramics production,” says Tratech.

The AGS provides a compact footprint at just 6.5ft x 6.5ft x 8ft (1.98m x 1.98m x 2.44m) and is cast metal constructed for vibration dampening and rigidity. Integrated elements in the system include mist collector, coolant filtration, and spindle and coolant chiller.

There is a hot-swappable tooling tray for automated cutting tool management; this holds up to 255 tools. This innovation is the perfect complement to Tratech Super Abrasive LLC’s Ceramic Cutting Tools that have already established their incredible ability to cut far faster and last much longer than commonly used tools for cutting ceramics. The AGS also uses a high speed HSK (hollow taper shank) spindle (above 40,000 rpm) and the machine design features optimized fluid containment for isolation of mechanical components from ceramic chips, dust and coolant.

The showcasing of this advanced CNC milling system at Ceramics Expo 2016 will again demonstrate the importance of the three-way integration between the advanced Tratech Super Abrasive LLC’s tool, the CAM software and Tratech’s latest AGS Machine Design, when combined into one process, an entirely new level of machining ceramics of magnitude better than current industry standards, is achieved”, says the spokesperson for Tratech team.

This combination between the three technologies has led to the creation of an innovative system which it is felt, will significantly enhance a growing and vital ceramics manufacturing and production environment.

This story was included as part of the monthly Ceramics Expo